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Thursday, June 16, 2011

mulberries on my hand

growing up in the country as a child, there were many mulberry trees
in my neighborhood and I used to go there after school with friends and siblings to pick up
juicy ones every day ..  there were lots of them always there and whenever we go back,
there were more and more ripe berries wating for us. 
sometimes, we would used farfugium as a little cup to hold freshly picked berries,
nowadays, there are few trees left and I've never seen anyone eating this attractive sweet
wild berries


  1. Yes, mulberry is healthy, contains some antioxidants which are good for us. Good, they are also.//Helen

  2. I love mulberries! They are not very common here in Austria, but my father planted some trees, so I am lucky to be able to have some every year. My father is very interested in plants that are not common here, he has also a kaki tree - he is very proud of it :)
    Enjoy all the mulberries you can find!

  3. Yay! I grew up eating mulberries too! we had a tree in the back yard of our summer home and the neighbors had one that went into our yard too. they are so yummy.

  4. It's a type of fruit I haven't seen yet. They probably don't really sell it here. It looks very juice and delicious though.

  5. ??? I don´t know this fruit.

  6. Here in Madrid there are lots of these trees on the streets. Some years ago people in my neighbourhood used to pick them, but I have no longer seen that. It is a fruit I have never tried, no attractive to me.
    Alicia, creo que son moreras.

  7. Saw these berries the first time last week in an exotic garden! Wish I could have tasted one! Enjoy yours!