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Friday, June 3, 2011

ordinary day


                                                      exhauted at the end of the day       
                                                                                                going to rest this weekend


  1. I like the colors of your clothes in your last photo.

    Today I planted the cardiospermumseeds. Curious to how they'll grow!

    Enjoy your weekend, coco!

  2. Is this natural sponge next to the bottle?
    Have a good rest! I sent the package already away, hope it will be soon at yours :)

  3. you make any ordinary day look beautiful in photos ! which makes me think you must be a beautiful person, inside-out, too.
    did you sew the pink tunic ? it seems very pretty !
    wishing you a RESTFUL weekend x

  4. Oh, I wish you also a happy birthday! I asked in my letter when it is, but now I saw on Alicias blog the birthday message to you! Happy, happy Birthday!!!!

  5. Ooooh, is your birthday today? I knew it was in June, but didn't know when.

    Now I really wanted you to have my strawberrypie instead of my brother! I made it for his birthday yesterday, but he didn't came and today the dough became soft and it doesn't taste as good anymore! A real pity!

    My letter is also coming up soon!