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Saturday, June 18, 2011

rain and yellow day

there are many loquat tree near by and watching them the other day,
it was almost ready to get rippen,
but my little nephew couldn't wait, climb up the tree and harvested some
and brought me as souvenir

*bitter melon started blooming delicate yellow flower now
* found a baby courgette! from Hermine's seed,
I am so excited as I already have a plan to make some delicous
vege snack with it
am surrounded by lots of pretty yellows today


  1. Lovely melon flowers, so lovely yellow color!//helen

  2. I have some seeds from hermine too, I´m afraid it´s too late to sow them :(

  3. ooh, I haven't had loquat since I was a little girl and I climbed up the trees myself. Brings back good memoreis. They are quite sour aren't they? I seem to remember springkling sugar on them.