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Thursday, June 23, 2011


the air was obscured by opaque moisture in the morning
by late afternoon, the sun appears as if she wants to breath
so, I rambled around neighborhood
I can't help myself feeling
so intrigued by small bushy trails
had a luck with this chardonnay today,
the bright yellow label got my attention immidately when I browsed
through wine section and reminded me of this lovely lady
who encourages me often, I don't know anything about
spanish and have no way of communicating with her at the moment,
so I am getting translation help,
here is to you, alice "cheers",
enjoyed this wine



  1. Ohhh! que sorpresa grande! Salud Coco... sé que disfrutó de ese vino chileno, muchas gracias por pensar en mi!!! estoy muy emocionada!
    Un abrazo grande!

    ( Seguí las instrucciones de Alicia y pienso que los problemas ya están solucionados)

  2. Very sweet! And really good photos! I followed you from Alice's blog :)
    ¡Qué lindo (@)Alice! :) Me sentí intrigada y vine a encontrar cosas lindas :D