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Thursday, June 2, 2011

this kind of day

today I spend lots of time organizing my messy closet, still need
lot of work, but I also enjoyed taking a break, madehot tea,
when it says "organic", I tend to react and want taste it because
some of organic veges I have tried in the past had very wonderful taste,
it really has vegetable's very original flavor
tomatoes taste so good with real sweetness
carrots has real carroty taste ~

bought this vintage looking fabric
I think it will be a good material for patchwork to make bags

tea break, looking at my little bamboo garden
while I was enjoying tea, there was a wonderful smell of
dinner with garlic sauteed, hmm, my neighbor seems to be
having something good tonight, this smell makes me really
hungry and makes me want garlic dinner too,
but I just have salmon tonight, I will just do fish dinner

how was your day?


  1. The teapot is beyond aborable. I totally love it. I think your fabrics look lovely.

    Right now the smell of coffee is filling the room and I'm making embroideries all day long. Today is a day off. Enjoy yours as much as you can.

  2. I know what you mean, I'm often the same. When my neighbors cooked something with a special smell, I immediately also want it :)

    It must be nice to have a bamboo garden!

    It's nice to see how you enjoy your day!

  3. a bamboo garden! what a privilege! bamboo makes me think always at the film ¨Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon" by Ang Lee. Did you see that film?

    My day was ok. I tidy up the shop, washed and prepared shop window... tomorrow the order will arrive, I ordered new plants so I will take my camera at work tomorrow :)

  4. Fun to do nicely in the closet, as I have just done. / / Helen