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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am in my handmade blueberry skirt today
I started my blog in English to share who I truly am and what I enjoy in my daily life.
Even though my life is not perfect as I wished for, I am finding little happiness
through this blog world.   It seems like people get naturally attracted to each other through
what we like to do and having similar thoughts.   I am not a good talker who can express
things very well in a nice way.  But by sharing my little words and photos here, I have
found many friends who seem to understand and accept me the way I am. 

Jamie Oliver,olive oil, pizza,...
I love his lovely garden, his cooking style,
colorful bouquet, beautiful nastatium in balcony,
I reconized all the things I love and as I scrolled down
I started getting tickled feeling but I thought
there is for someone else who is having a very special day today like me
a lovely surprise early this morning really made my day!
thanks so much, alicia.
there is a easier way coming back, but I tend to
get attracted to stairs and small street
on the way back from the store
have to have my favorite herb pizza today

today was my birthday
thanks to all of you
had a very good day today
wish today never ends



  1. I just took my first steps in blogland and I must say that I'm so happy that I've met such nice people so fast. People drawn to similar things that myself.

    Happy birthday!

  2. Your blueberry skirt is so beautiful, the right thing to wear on such a special day like your birthday! I wish you all the best, that you reach your dreams & goals and all the lovely things you wish for! Enjoy your day!

  3. I wish you the best, sweet Coco!!! A lot of beautiful, sweet, and nice whatever you want!

  4. Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you good health everyday. :)

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet Coco! I'm happy that I can become friends with you through the blogging world. You are a beautiful person.

    Take care!!!

  6. I think the place where you live must be so beautiful to walk through. With all the trees and plants and small streets and stairs. It's sounds like a place I'd like to live.

    The reasons why you started a blog is exactly how I feel. It has given me much more than I had expected. I hope you'll stick around for much longer, because I really enjoy reading yours.

  7. Happy happy birthday! I wish that everyday can be as beautifull as today was to you. And I wish you love, lot's of love. x

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Love the skirt and I really like the little drawings you make.

  9. I see you had a nice day! Yesterday I met some old friends and we spent all the day out, but Happy Birthday indeed!

  10. These flowers on your way home are so beautiful!
    I think I have a pink heart :)

    I love japanese magazines, they look always so neat an pretty :)

    I hope you enjoyed you special day!!

  11. Also think that a blog is great to have. One can choose for yourself what you want to share and it's fun with all the comments. Have a great day! /helén

  12. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, doll. x

  13. yesterday I had a lovely day too :)
    I wish that you enjoyed your pizza!

  14. Vi el regalo virtual de Claudia... me pareció fabuloso sentir ese espíritu de amistad generado en el blog... felicitaciones por el cumpleaños y por las amistades que has ido cultivando. Me parece que eres una persona tan agradable y delicada, como las fotos y palabras que pones cada día. Un abrazo, Alice.

  15. let me say it in French :
    (belated) joyeux anniversaire Coco!!
    I hope your special day was as beautiful as your skirt

    long life to your lovely blog & may that wonderful big heart of yours be always happy