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Saturday, June 25, 2011

when the postman knocks the door

 i am standing in the kitchen, cutting some eggplants that a friend
of mine gave me yesterday, i hear familiar sound of scooter
getting closer and closer to me, then the sound stopped all of
the sudden, i feel like i need to prepare for him knock my door,
i can't help myself getting excited, after a few moments of silence,
 i hear his footsteps going away and knocks my neighbor's door,
nmmm...wasn't for me this time,
 i now have something to look forward to again


  1. It's exciting when you are waiting for something. Hope that you are waiting for will soon:)//Helen

  2. I finished your little present today,I will try to send it in a couple of days :)

  3. it's a cute story. :)

  4. I feel the same, I am always happy when I hear the postman :)

  5. you've been so generous & kind, I hope you'll get many surprises too !