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Saturday, July 30, 2011

natural leaf curtain

bitter melon leaves are climbing up the window
making like a natural leaf curtain
swing at the window site when wind blows
mantis seem to find a good place to nest
and enjoying quiet hiding place


Friday, July 29, 2011

knit simple

sometimes, i just like to knit simple patterns


hot days like this                             
wherever i go and whatever i do                                                         
hotness goes with me                                                          

Thursday, July 28, 2011

ginger lemon soda

all i can think of lately is how to cool down,
and i keep drinking to hydrate myself, if i were
to drink this much, i would rather drink something
natural and homemade, so i made fresh ginger lemon soda
with mint, first grind ginger, make hot water and then add
ginger to a boling water, add some sugar (i used half
granulated sugar and brown sugar) to make concentrated
ginger syrup, at the end add freshly squeezed lemon juice
and let it cool down, dilute this syrup with soda and
garnish with sliced lemon and mint


having so much rain during the rainy season,
the bamboo has grown a lot and garden was getting really like jungle, 
then my landlord trimed all the leaves and extra branches he said,
but rather than "trimming" bushes, he almost made it it look like
 breathy garden now, the air comes freely now but i miss that
jungle since it was given me some nice shade in the afternoon,
and also gave me some privacy,
now as you can see on the left, most leaves are gone,
i hope they will grow back soon
today, i opened some of my boxes where i keep fabrics and yarns
and other handmade material, trying to get idea of what i want to make...
i am in a big sewing & knitting mood today, wanting to order new
linen fabrics, i think i will start making something tomorrow
....embroidery too


longing for linen things
and simple natural handmade

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

before sun goes down

it was another very hot and humid day!  since there are typhoon attacks
here so numerous time during this season, some of my plants like cucumber, tomatoes, etc
had lot of damages, it seems like tomatoes almost stop growing and
cucumber is dead because of salty wind blew over them, oh well, i guess it is
part of life, but there are some still doing ok and i will take care of rest of the
plants still remained to grow with me
made a evening walk
i love vines, it seems like their life is full of
freedom as they can go wherever their heart desire

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

camembert & basil

so far, this is my favorite way of eating camembert
preparing camembert & basil on toast or french baguette
sprinkle fresh ground white pepper and drizzled olive oil
fresh basil leaves just picked from the garden

Saturday, July 23, 2011


seeds:  bitter melon, morning glory, propagule
and cherry sage flower
dried tomatoes taste sweeter
bitter melon is also naturally dried under the sun and
will besauteed tonight

mint tea

enjoying homegrown mint tea this afternoon
never had homemade mint tea before
love this one

Friday, July 22, 2011


walked again to town for some errans, it gets exhausting to walk in this
hot, humid weather, but one thing which helps me is the neighborhood garden

in my apron pocket

each season there are various voices in nature, this morning, i hear
ringing sound of cicada from my kitchen window, nmm, the summer
is really here now as they became one of the symbols of  real hot season's arrival,
it is amazing that plants tell us new season is here by sprouting in early spring,
now many insect started appearing in the neighbors, making me surprise that
i am not a big fan of them...they appear spontaneously, unexpectedly in front of
my eyes, i guess they want to say hello but i can't help myself that i can't not be
a congenial person to them but they keep trying and never give up

Thursday, July 21, 2011


the other day, i saw these cute blueberry and
lavender in the neighborhood
very refreshing color


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

when the summer comes

i tend to pay attention to natural shade as i walk by
especially under the tree, those tiny leaves make a petite shade which i adore
and my feet resist going forward.....

when the sun started shining in the morning, i do lot of drying under the blue sky
which keeps me busy all day
in the morning, hang the laundry first
then cut the vegetable and place them out in the balcony while sunshining
in the evening, tak all the dried laundry in and hold them
also take all dried veges inside
then go to the kitchen and start cooking them for supper
sometimes, i feel like i live in old era where people make all the food
from much as they can do
now the storm is gone, real summer is coming at least until next typhoon comes,
lots of morning glory blooms each day and after flower, i gathered them, put them
in the freezer for a while till time to make a color water, mosquito seems to like
me very much, so i keep this coil handy throughout the summer, garlic and
grapefruits are some of my favorites to eat
what is your summer favorites?