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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

before sun goes down

it was another very hot and humid day!  since there are typhoon attacks
here so numerous time during this season, some of my plants like cucumber, tomatoes, etc
had lot of damages, it seems like tomatoes almost stop growing and
cucumber is dead because of salty wind blew over them, oh well, i guess it is
part of life, but there are some still doing ok and i will take care of rest of the
plants still remained to grow with me
made a evening walk
i love vines, it seems like their life is full of
freedom as they can go wherever their heart desire


  1. your tomatoes look so well...mine are still green:-)

  2. Oh! las últimas palabras, sobre las vides... son un poema maravilloso!

  3. Sorry to hear that some of your plants got damaged. Life can be frustrating sometimes...
    I love evening walks, I made one yesterday evening too :)