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Monday, July 18, 2011

daikon's sunbathing

as i get experienced different cooking, i now really enjoy simple one more
which has less seasoning added to it, with this cooking method, in each ingredient
i can taste it's natural flavor better,
drying daikon in the sun is one of fun things to do, peel skin first then cut
them in a big round pieces and lay them on the breathable mat,
let the diakon enjoy sunbathing while the sun is shining,
cook in a olive oil, sprinkle salt slightly on top


  1. oh this is an interesting variety. we don't have this one but some similar we like to eat them raw with lemon juice & coarse salt, that we call here "fleur de sel";
    please send us some sun, we are desperate !!!

  2. Nice and natural way to dry your veggies! Think I will give it a try on tomatoes.