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Monday, July 4, 2011

in love

i really enjoy having mornigng glory in my garden during the summer,
every time when they bloom, i feel like they are saying
"good morning" with very sweet smily face which makes me feel
loved and smile each time i see them,
the other day, there was a blue flower on it,
and yesterday, there were two purple ones on the vine,
and today, there were two pink ones side by side smiling,
it was very satisfying lovely scene waite for me
these pink ones, gave me such a lovely feeling this morning
i fell in love with them ♡
another hot day


  1. these pink ones are so pretty ! i hope they won't fade too quickly, if you say the weather is so hot...
    we're back home & make sure to spy my blog to see a very special photo in dedication to your kindness, later on this week ;)
    have a nice week xo

  2. Nice Morning Glory you have in your garden:)//Helen

  3. beautiful! I am growing morning glory too, but they are very small still. Growing so slowly!