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Friday, July 15, 2011


although it was a very hot day here, in the evening i went to hot springs near by and enjoyed
floating in the relaxed evening, when i looked up the sky, there
was a full moon in the silent dark sky so high shining, it must be the reward for
working hard all week
was such a lovely scene i saw tonight
i hope you are seeing something nice too


  1. Your evening scene sounds so good and beautiful. Going to a hot spring is something I have never tried but will when I get the change.
    Have a restful weekend!

  2. oh! Nerium oleander makes me remenber my childhood. They were a lot of them at my grandmothers garden and our parents told us to be careful with them because they were poisonous :(

  3. this is great that you have a hot spring nearby !
    yesterday we went to celebrate Bastille day at the beach, and there was the full moon, in the clear sky... I was thinking of other countries in the world and how they saw this same full moon at various time zones :)