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Thursday, July 28, 2011

ginger lemon soda

all i can think of lately is how to cool down,
and i keep drinking to hydrate myself, if i were
to drink this much, i would rather drink something
natural and homemade, so i made fresh ginger lemon soda
with mint, first grind ginger, make hot water and then add
ginger to a boling water, add some sugar (i used half
granulated sugar and brown sugar) to make concentrated
ginger syrup, at the end add freshly squeezed lemon juice
and let it cool down, dilute this syrup with soda and
garnish with sliced lemon and mint


  1. Sad to hear that making your own mint tea was not a success :-(. But I hope you will enjoy your holidays and am really curious about your latest sewing proejcts! I am preparing for our trip next month and our moving out of the appartement in the same time, need to sit down and relax a bit!

  2. This looks extremely good and healthy! Love the colors!

  3. this is very interesting.
    i read that back to the pioneer time in the US, they used some ginger in water to increase the feeling of being refreshed when they had heatwaves and people were working in the fields.
    and this year i came across a recipe on pinterest show how to make your own ginger ale... but yours including lemon sounds even better !