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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

homemade plum liquor dessert

it wasn't as good as the store made one's i had the other day, but i simply
enjoy the process of making it, and it is kind a comfort of knowing what
ingredients, how much are being used in each cooking, nowadays, i like
the taste of whatever "homemade" stuff rather than store brands in general
because of it's homey sweet taste


  1. Homemade is indeed the best! Your plum liquor dessert looks good! It is so nice to know that you make so much yourself! I think the earth needs a lot more people like you!

  2. it looks good ! is it a strong liquor ? we have several local liquors where i live, they're all around 40°C ! so i never drink them or my eyes would fall down & me too ;)

  3. Hecho en casa!
    hecho a mano!
    para mi es lo mejor...