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Saturday, July 16, 2011

morning garden

in hermine's memo, it said "pumpkin" but no matter how
i look at it, it looks like a yellow squash to me
what's your name?
one yellow tomato and many red one's from my garden
this morning


  1. so nice that you can eat your homegrown veggies ! we have eaten a few of these tomatoes from our garden too, so far ! and some lettuces & cucumbers.
    i'm now curious to see what this pumkin will look like !!

  2. Oh, we harvested the first red tomatoes this week, too! They were so good, full of sun and flavour! I never got the difference of "pumpkin" or "squash". I think you can call it as you like it! Hopefully it will grow a lot bigger, mine stopped growing in that state and fell off :-(