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Thursday, July 28, 2011


having so much rain during the rainy season,
the bamboo has grown a lot and garden was getting really like jungle, 
then my landlord trimed all the leaves and extra branches he said,
but rather than "trimming" bushes, he almost made it it look like
 breathy garden now, the air comes freely now but i miss that
jungle since it was given me some nice shade in the afternoon,
and also gave me some privacy,
now as you can see on the left, most leaves are gone,
i hope they will grow back soon
today, i opened some of my boxes where i keep fabrics and yarns
and other handmade material, trying to get idea of what i want to make...
i am in a big sewing & knitting mood today, wanting to order new
linen fabrics, i think i will start making something tomorrow
....embroidery too


  1. got the sweetest envelop with from you today in my mailbox. thank you som much. I´m so looking forward to growing the seeds next season. Oh happy days!

  2. Hope the bamboo grows fast again!