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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

new life

while the storm seems to be taking a break, i jumped out to my
balcony, found some blown away balloons on the ground ,
gathered them in my hands, if the seeds are matured successfully,
i can hear the little rattling sound as i shake them,
those little brownish ones on the left and the middle,
there was a soothing rattling sound i hear
i wasn't expected new seeds yet,
especially after the bad storm like this,
but here is the new life i found


  1. bonjour -- checking in how things go there... i hope there is no damage anywhere.
    not only the ballon shape of these is very inspiring, but the two-colored seeds are incredible !

  2. amazing Coco! Beautiful pods and seeds. Sadly, my cardiospermum have not sprouted yet. I wonder if they were irradiated in the mail, on the way from Japan to OR. I will keep watering though, just in case.

  3. Wow that is like opening a lovely present!

  4. Oh wow, I can't believe that you have already seeds from your cardiospermum! I sent you a mail :)

  5. ¡Cardiospermum! ahhhhh, pensé que eran Physalis... las vainas como faroles son muy parecidas...
    Las semillas son muy bellas, les veo un corazón solo yo?.

  6. @alice
    sí, hay forma de corazón blanco en el medio