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Saturday, July 2, 2011

recycle tin can

there are now lots of buckwheat seeds in my garden, i decided to harvest 
just some of them.  i loved the white tiny flowers, so i feel like sowing back
them in a soil as i harvest 
herb tin can pot:
after all mandarine oranges are gone, i kept the tin can,
made some holes on the side and the bottom to drain
water, added jute to make a recycle flower can,
decorated with rosemary, thyme, and succulent
mint &summer sandal for hot sunny day
little bit of unpolished rice added to white ones
when it's cooked, turned purple !
rich in vitamins and minerals
when i receive letter, i always enjoy different
styles of stamps from overseas, this is so beautiful,
lovely delicate gift from helen, that sour candy was good,
i love sour food, thanks helen


  1. How nice that my letter arrived:) Hope you like the things I sent you.