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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

when the summer comes

i tend to pay attention to natural shade as i walk by
especially under the tree, those tiny leaves make a petite shade which i adore
and my feet resist going forward.....

when the sun started shining in the morning, i do lot of drying under the blue sky
which keeps me busy all day
in the morning, hang the laundry first
then cut the vegetable and place them out in the balcony while sunshining
in the evening, tak all the dried laundry in and hold them
also take all dried veges inside
then go to the kitchen and start cooking them for supper
sometimes, i feel like i live in old era where people make all the food
from much as they can do
now the storm is gone, real summer is coming at least until next typhoon comes,
lots of morning glory blooms each day and after flower, i gathered them, put them
in the freezer for a while till time to make a color water, mosquito seems to like
me very much, so i keep this coil handy throughout the summer, garlic and
grapefruits are some of my favorites to eat
what is your summer favorites?


  1. Really nice pictures... I would love to cook everything from scratch! I hope I will soon live in a place where it will be possible!

    My summer favorites: apricots and walking without shoes on the grass!

  2. Lovely post! My summer favorite is watermelon :)

  3. Mis favoritos del verano son: poder tener todas las puertas y ventanas abiertas y que el afuera y el adentro de la casa se fundan sin límites.... regar la huerta, estar hasta tarde en la terraza, y caminar descalza...