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Saturday, July 2, 2011

where i live and garden

we had so much rain and the rainy season has not
yet finished here, because of the weather(i think), my courgette
couldn't make it but pumpkin is doing well, and am trying to
succeed having at least one good pumpkin
my recent garden scene
i come out here each morning, say hello to
all my plants, they are like my cheerleaders


  1. It's so nice to see where you live, the colors and the overall atmosphere. Your garden is beautiful and it's so nice your relationship with every plant: this enriches you! I'm going to sew something for you and sending in Japan! Ciao!

  2. Wow! Your garden space looks bigger than I thought! And your arrangement is so wonderful, you can be really proud of this and your healthy plants!

  3. Hope you succeed in your pumpkins so no rain will destroy all of you. Beautiful space you have to put flowers on the:)//Helen

  4. Your garden is simply wonderful! I can imagine how you adore it every morning. Lovely greetings!

  5. I never succeded in harvesting a pumpkin myself, in my tiny space, but enjoying the view of the flowers is also nice... It's like enjoying the way, no matter the goal.

  6. wow! you have a lot of place for your plants.

  7. this is so neat ! such a green happy patch ! and i love the way you have put in some strings to have plants to climb, it will be even prettier when it is all covered !