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Saturday, July 16, 2011

yellow squash

special squash harvested this morning, this looked so juicy and fresh
something i grow from the seed and when it's time to harvest, it is so satisfying
feeling, sowed a seed, watering every morning and evening twice a day,
hand pollinated, watched them grow, it was such a nice feeling,
as i cut the stem and hold it in my hand, it was like the feeling of having a  
very special jewelry in my hand
squash spaghetti:
squash, tomatoes, basil, and added some white wine
and chicken consome, and ground pepper
this time, squash was sauteed very very lightly to keep
its fresh flavor and texture,
i even tasted it raw and it was deliciuos

1 comment:

  1. hand polinated , wow !
    this plate looks delicious to me. i'm so surprised that your suaquash was already ready ! ours are still so tiny