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Sunday, August 28, 2011

avo&cado family ❦

here is my avocado
during the late winter through early spring, i ate avocado very often, and i started taking care of pits
like this,named them avo & cado, now they are growing together very well.
then after that i had another large pit and hated to through that away,
she joined in my garden and now she is the biggest one(on the right)


  1. Wonderful! My avocado is now also ready to put in soil and some plant cuttings too, will do that sometime the next days :)

  2. Wonderful. They look happy and healthy.

  3. Oh........¡ son primos de los míos !

  4. Vaya que gran familiavegetal!... en mi patio hay 2 Paltos ancianos... árboles muy grandes que quitan bastante sol a la huerta pero no me animo a podar.
    Puestos en maceta se ven preciosos! que piensas hacer con ellos?

  5. they are indeed growing nicely! One problem, though... I hope you aren't expecting avocados!! They will usually only grow "true to type" (ie produce fruit) from grafted plant stock... I hope you're not disappointed - they are lovely little trees to have anyway...

  6. so healthy !
    i was wondering how do you manage to keep them alive after a certain stage, like about 12 leaves ?
    i grew avocadoes several times and after the size of the one you have on the right, poof... all of a sudden the plant dies... do you think it is meant to be or is there something care that has to be done ?