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Saturday, August 27, 2011

balloon family picture

my garden is full of cardiospermum balloons at the moment,
lots of them hanging on the vine roof i created for them,
it almost look like natural lanterns hanging toghther,

as if they are dancing

                                                 potted pepper is chaning their color                                               

cooked some vege dish for supper

☄ little tip for cardiospermum growing:
 in order to successfully have balloons,
 i think the plant needs to be outdoors where the bees
and butterflies can freely work on pollination


  1. I read all of your last posts and enjoyed every photo. My cardiospermum (from your seeds) is going well, no flower for now (maybe I planted it too late?).

  2. Es muy hermosa esta planta, sus globos tan sutiles y la semilla con un corazón... me gusta mucho todo lo que aprendo de plantas contigo, gracias!

    Los platos se ven tan atractivos también... ojalá pudiera saber que cosas contienen!