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Friday, August 5, 2011

basil pesto

one of herbs i love is basil and have been wanted to harvest enough to make
basil paste, today i had lots of basil leaves and made basil paste
basil, olive oil, garlic, walnuts, ground pepper
this is my very first time making own basil paste with fresh leaves from my
own garden that i grow from the seed, there is now some tiny white flowers,
would they produce seeds for next season? i wonder and  hope
anyone know if i leave them grow more, will they become seeds?
i would love to harvest some for next season,
it is such a rewarding feeling since i especially sew the seeds in spring and waited
for a long time to sprout, then when they showed little leaf they didn't grow much, so
i replanted them each one at a time in my pots....and kept watered them every day,
i have never had this much success in basil before and today i am so happy

today i marinate potatoes, i will do pasta next time,
rest of them are kept in the grass jar to be used in the
future for lunch and dinner ♡


  1. Growing own basil and making pesto of it is one of my favorite gardening things. Actually enjoued a pasta with pesto just yesterday. It is so much better homemade than what comes in a jar.

    You have really nice basil plants. Some say that if you let them flower they will loose some of their taste and won't produce as much new growth anymore because they use the energy for seed production. If there are enough of warm weather ahead of you, your basil plants should give you eventually seeds.

  2. A 100% homemade pesto! I love the idea... and you have probably loved the taste :)