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Friday, August 19, 2011

bitter melon paradise

 the vine of bitter melon covering my entire window
leaves as big as my hand
soaked in juicy sauce, making dinner


  1. That plant looks so exotic to me. Does it taste like cucumber or melon?

  2. it taste little bitter, so we try to cook in a way bitterness won't bother out appertite. It is rich in vitamins and other minerals. Very common summer vege here and people grow on the window side to keep the house cool from vine effect. This yr, lots of people use this natural cooling method because we want to lower our electricity comsumption after Tsunami/earthquake in March.

  3. No conocía esta planta, se ve muy curiosa con esa textura, la planta es hermosa y en la ventana luce!

  4. I love bitter melon--it reminds me of visiting Okinawa!

  5. amazing ! (and so useful/shade)
    i'd be so curious to try (eat) this !