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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

day off

to the country side, visiting my sister's
             chestnuts tree
hydrangea harvested         
made wreath with hydrangea
i have never made wreath with fresh flower,
this was quite fun and exciting creation


  1. Such a pretty wreath dear! I wish I could show you around the Swedish countryside... x

  2. Hydrangea is one of my favorite plants. Too bad I can't have it here, because my garden is very exposed to sun and they love shadow. I love the garland! Your packet is on its way :)

  3. Aunque la foto es pequeña, admiro la imagen del campo, de que son las plantaciones? me gusta mucho el Castaño y las castañas! las hortensias también son muy cultivadas en mi pais! que agradable paseo debe haber sido!

  4. Does your sister live far away from you? It looks very nice! BTW, something is on it's way to you :)