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Monday, August 1, 2011


a month of july flew by quickly
now it is another hot month,
better enjoy rest of this
hot summer days

i don't like using too much air conditioner,
i prefer keeping my windows wi~de open all day
get natural air and listen to the nature's

lately, my mind is busy with an idea of being surrounded by herbs,
such as oregano, lavender, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, chamomile,
in my liveing room drawer at the moment, i have a lavender sachet
which was made by my friend, i have been really enjoying and loving
this little pillow sachet, makes me dream of having huge bouquet of lavender,
where can i find such luxuary....but what i really want is not from the fancy store,
i am looking for one from some natural garden..if all possible

the other day, i made ginger lemon tea which was so nice
with full taste of ginger,
also, made interesting frozen tomatoes!
after sun dried them for few hrs, i put them in a freezer because i was too lazy
to cook with them...but after few day, i tasted those frozen tomatoes,
they were so good, sweet, and like a frozen icecandy!
better try this if you have mini tomatoes growing in your garden☺

this evening, i came home littel early from work, watered my plants,
then went for a walk with my camera,
I can't go without making walk every once in a while....
as my body and mind craves for it very much,
but didn't use my camera today,
i just walked and enjoyed quiet evening time

hope you are having a good day
to start the very first day of this month


  1. I also don't like air conditioner - it sometimes even makes me sick. Here it is so cold at the moment that we even turned on the heating on the weekend :)
    Hope that summer comes back soon.

    The thought of being surrounded by herbs is a lovely idea!

    I also really like how you make experiments with food like you did with the tomatos. Very interesting!

    I am also always craving for walks. Especially since we have Sunny there is also no excuse when it is not so nice outside. I think it is still healthy to make little walks also in the rain.

    Have a good 1.of August!

  2. I smile when I read this post and eventually you will figure out why. ;)

    Have to try frozen tomatoes sometimes! Creative of you to come up with the idea.

  3. It's been hot here too, can't wait to go away on holiday...
    We're harvesting our first tomatoes in our orchard, will try to frozen them, sounds so delicious...

  4. Desde Chile leo con gusto sobre el calor que hay en el otro hemisferio, acá con un invierno, bastante benigno, el sábado llovió todo el día en Santiago, nevó en la cordillera lo que deja muy frio el aire, pero el domingo y hoy lunes brilla un hermoso sol que entibia un poco el día.
    El primer día de agosto es para mi de fiesta... mi hijo esta de cumpleaños y se junta la familia para celebrarlo!
    Un gran saludo!

  5. oh we have to try frozen mini tomatoes ! i do that with cherries and yes it tastes like a fine candy, but it is healthier of course ;)
    i would have given you that big bunch of lavender from our yard ... if we were closer :)
    i don't know what an air-conditioned house feels like, we don't have AC in the part of France where i live. only some stores have AC. i have no doubt fresh air is much better, anyway