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Saturday, August 20, 2011

little peek

windows wide open, i fell asleep last night and woke up middle of
the night with cold air coming through the windows, so i got up to get 
a blanket as i felt so cold and shut all the windows,
in a few minutes, i felt cozy warm air around me and fell back to sleep again till dawn,
it feels like the fall is peeking through

this morning, air feels like transition to next season


  1. So luck! Here temperature is too high that it is difficult to sleep at night...
    You've been busy, have you made all those things? They look fantastic!

  2. I think it's very exciting how you can feel the seasons change sometimes. I love this little story, Coco. You describe it so well.

  3. Are these acorns in the last picture? Very very cute!

  4. @steffi, yes those are acorn coaster i sewed

  5. They are beautiful! What a nice idea! I think I have to make some myself! ....