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Thursday, September 1, 2011

soup risotto with garden herbs

 i am out of bread for breakfast this morning,
instead, i have lots of leftover rice,
so i cooked soupy risotto with garden herbs
parsley, shiso, basil, buckwheat leaf & flower from my garden
soup risotto:
boil water first, then add rice and cook for few minutes,
then add veges of your choice (i used carrots, okura)
seasoning:  chicken consome, fresh ground pepper,
organo, basil,&tomato spice blend

garnished mine with
parsley and buckwheat flower ❤


  1. Ya es septiembre por allí!!!!
    aun es Agosto por acá...

    ...tomas tu desayuno,
    yo acabo de terminar mi cena
    y me voy a dormir.

    buenas noches!
    muy buen día!

  2. Oh I love it! We're having risotto for dinner tonight too :) Kx

  3. appears to be a lovely risotto. Fun with the little figures in it.//Helen

  4. It looks very good--and what a great way to use your herbs!

  5. didn't know you can eat buckwheat flower and leave!!
    but the soup looks very good, love the little animal too :)