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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a pair of shoes

there are five kids in the house.  parents bought a pair of new
shoes for everyone at the end of the year and told them, "wait
until new years day!".  so the kids put the shoes away, but
couldn't resist staring and smiling, waiting for aspecial day as
if they can be a little princess when the new year comes.  this
was our tradition in my house.  so even today, when i buy a
new pair, i feel like waiting for a while.  i think it was
sometimes in august when i bought this pair of ballet shoes since
my favorite white shoes were worn out.  then i waited for long
enough until i feel like wearing.  today, i did a test walk with
this bronze ballet shoes.  feels good to be with comfortable one.

this one is about to flower

mashroom sandwich

this kind of breakfast today
mashroom sauteed in olive oil


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesday sky


                                                    would be nice to sit here all day
                                                    till sun goes down

Monday, September 26, 2011

getting on a blue train

train leaves 5:03 am.  my purpose is to visit a little
bakery in north.  it takes only an hour by fast train but
i prefer taking slow local train which takes five hours,
just to enjoy slow time as train moves and look at the
changing window scene

as soon i got on a blue train, i found an empty seat by the
window and sat down, opened a sandwich box
i bought at the train station and hot coffee on the side,
nm, this is what like about traveling, feels like i am allowed
to enjoy day dreaming while i sit here, i wonder what kind of
mystery is waiting, what kind of people i would encounter
in north,  i feel free

Sunday, September 25, 2011


cocoa brown ,tend to look for cozy color lately,
this morning i hear a cat crying through kitchen window,
from the living room window i hear crows strong
voice, he must be excited finding a fall sky

yesterday, i bought a bag of brown table roll
and wheat english muffin
something different for breakfast,
when i got up this morning i had a cup of
coffee with milk then the
secound cup, i made it black,
and i cooked some eggs, put it on the muffin with
a slice of ham, bit of mayonnaise
。。m, it was good

Saturday, September 24, 2011

autumn is here

it was very chilly night, got out warm pajama pants
before i catch a cold
each season, i made season pajamas,
flowerly one for the summer
colorful leaf pajama for fall
flannel warm pair for winter
really love potatoes

Friday, September 23, 2011


i like the spacious wooden floor

sun was shinning but it's been a cold day 20℃ now
i ate too much sweet late afternoon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


#15 storm was here today.  so we stayed inside most of the day.
my nephew came to watch peter rabbit with me. but he fell a
sleep immediately.  his mother was worried that he will be too wild
 tonight if he sleeps too long during the day.but i let him sleep for a
long while.  nice to see quiet boy sometimes. he woke up later,
i gave him a cup of milk and snack. in the evening, storm
seem to be gone.  we made a little walk around the house. 
while we walked, he enjoyed string games and showed
me each time.  i did some crochet.  making some progress
on blue bag. now sipping hot tea and i am here.

sometimes, the bad weather can be a clever reminder
to slow down and to relax

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


saving plants from the storm
feel better that my plants are in a safe place

Saturday, September 17, 2011

leek spaghetti

i have been wanted to do this cooking last few days since the idea hit me,
first time experiment with julienned leek,
it was one of the satisfying, delightful cooking for me
made deep fried leek first
half of this for tasting,
keeping half for tomorrow's lunch

leek spaghetti:
leek (julienned), hot pepper, spaghetti noodle,
chicken consome,salt&fresh ground pepper,
(bacon, ham, other vege can be added)

* first julienne leek and deep fry and mix with cooked noodle and add
   little bit of olive oil, then after seasoned, 
   garnish with herb af your preference, like basil,
   mitsuba(Cryptotaenia), parsley, etc

Friday, September 16, 2011


slow morning


my nickname was apple when i was little
have been enjoying compote in yogurt for breakfast lately
another typhoon is on our way
i was unusually too tired and felt sick today and took
a long long nap, when i woke up day light was already gone,
after such day, i crave for combination of good coffee & chocolate,
do you have certain combination of food that you crave for
when you feel too tired?
bite of chocolate and coffee a day might be good

Thursday, September 15, 2011

blue crochet

. started working on mini tote bag with blue
. allium tuberosum/garlic chives seed which i am going to
  sew in few days