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Sunday, September 11, 2011


feels like the weather is teasing us lately,
it gets very cool at night lately but yet some days a still hot and humid,
it is hard to predict what to wear each day,
but it's almost time to put my favorite summer knit away,
soon there will be a lots of ginkgo leaves falling out of tree,
something more to look forwad to as day goes by


  1. what a lovely mosaic !!!
    i really like the lace close-up !
    it's been almost warm here last week & this week but humid with a grey depressing sky :( hard to know what to wear, too...

  2. Hi coco, this is my first visit here. Love your blog: full of inspiration and beautiful photos. I hope you will be able to enjoy summer for a couple of days more ... Thanks for sharing all these wonderful recipes and your nice photography.

  3. ginkgo tree is
    my favorite one.first time
    a saw it in finland two years ago
    the leaves are filled with
    freedom,and foggy color

    reading every note of yours