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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


#15 storm was here today.  so we stayed inside most of the day.
my nephew came to watch peter rabbit with me. but he fell a
sleep immediately.  his mother was worried that he will be too wild
 tonight if he sleeps too long during the day.but i let him sleep for a
long while.  nice to see quiet boy sometimes. he woke up later,
i gave him a cup of milk and snack. in the evening, storm
seem to be gone.  we made a little walk around the house. 
while we walked, he enjoyed string games and showed
me each time.  i did some crochet.  making some progress
on blue bag. now sipping hot tea and i am here.

sometimes, the bad weather can be a clever reminder
to slow down and to relax


  1. You crocheted bag is so beautiful! Can't wait til it's finished!

  2. the bag looks pretty, can' t wait to see the end result!

  3. lovely bag!! =) and nice pictures...we enjoy rainy days, no need to go anywhere, just cup of coffee or homemadetea :)

    sorry my badbad english, just need to leave a comment.

  4. Glad the storm seems to have passed. Yes, it's always nice to slow down and relax!

  5. Nice blog you have! With nice ideas/pictures. I'm really looking forward to next weekend; I'd like to have a nice and realaxing day, just like you :-)

  6. this blue bag is beautiful! I like storms at night. Beautiful flowers too :)

  7. Pretty, pretty blue bag! Our days are filled with rain here too.

  8. I like the photos in this post. Pretty blues. I also love the one with the candles.

  9. I'm still at work, but seeing your photos and reading your words calmed my nerves. It's supposed to rain here all weekend, and I'm . . . excited :)

  10. the 15th storm ? oh dear i'm sorry. so nice that you had a little company to make this dark day more cheerful. i hope you don't have any damages...