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Friday, September 16, 2011


slow morning


my nickname was apple when i was little
have been enjoying compote in yogurt for breakfast lately
another typhoon is on our way
i was unusually too tired and felt sick today and took
a long long nap, when i woke up day light was already gone,
after such day, i crave for combination of good coffee & chocolate,
do you have certain combination of food that you crave for
when you feel too tired?
bite of chocolate and coffee a day might be good


  1. chocolate with almonds helps me when i'm tired. and a good coffee off course.
    feel good and have a nice weekend!
    the photos are nice!

  2. I hope you feel much better now after a long rest... it sometimes happens to me and usually i hate to see the daylight was gone while i slept !!
    apple is a cute nickname ! i love anything with apples !
    i think chocolate always help ! i also like to have a big cup or vanilla rooibos or similar with some milk...
    be well x

  3. I tend to eat very unhealthy stuff, like
    potatoships and coca cola and all kinds of sweets, need that sugar boost :^)