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Saturday, September 24, 2011

autumn is here

it was very chilly night, got out warm pajama pants
before i catch a cold
each season, i made season pajamas,
flowerly one for the summer
colorful leaf pajama for fall
flannel warm pair for winter
really love potatoes


  1. Oh how I love those pyjamas!I do not wear anything else here in the winters .I wish you cosy weekend.

  2. like your pictures, a lot!!! :)

  3. the French have a problem with a savory breakfast, which is, to me, a wrong opinion !
    how do you eat/cook your potatoes for breakfast ?
    do you also have in japan some restaurants that cook only dishes including poatoes !
    your PJs look so nice ! is it flannel ?

  4. @valerie
    this one, i just steamed potatoes and sprinkle little salt. i like tis simple taste in the morning and also when i have fresh fresh potatoes.
    i also fry them which is my favorite as well.
    i think frying is my favorite way of yammy with cranchy golden crest on the side. ^^

  5. thank you !
    my favorite option is boiled, and eaten with (salted) butter ! this comes from my childhood. we all have food memories :)
    have a great day x

  6. it is nice you make a pajama for each season : )