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Monday, September 5, 2011

beef & onion

beef & onion cooked in
soy source and grated ginger

thinly sliced beef, onion, ginger,
sugar, soy source,
some kind of green to garnish
*  sauteed beef in a frying pan with vege oil,
    after meet is cooked throughly add sliced onion,
    when both are cooked fully, sprinkle sugar and then soy source,
    and add grated ginger,
    let it simmer for few minutes
*  prepare rice in different pot
*  serve sautted beef&onion on rice
    and garnish with herb or small green leaf


  1. Esta receta me gustó mucho! me encanta preparar verduras salteadas y rociarles salsa de soya al final...

  2. although i don't eat meat ( but still cook some for my family) i must say this looks very good !
    i was wondering if you sometimes use line seeds in Japan ?