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Friday, September 2, 2011

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      despite of the strong wind, my window vine was still hanging there
      this morning when i left here for work, but when i came home,
      everything on the window was gone......
      i was so sad and so so so mad
      all the greens entertained and made me happy each day is
      completely gone now due to the typhoon,
      i can't live without green around me,
      so after this bad weather, i am going to have to work on my garden
      to creat something at least cozy and comfortable for me to look at every day
      i wonder what would be good to put in my fall balcony garden? 
      any suggestion would be appreciated and encourage me


  1. grow swiss chard
    grow kale
    egyptian onions
    will last to first very hard freeze
    and come back very first too

  2. @janet
    might try garlic! thanks

  3. Oh no :(
    I'm so sorry for you! i can imagine how sad it must have made you when you came home and saw it all gone. Life is pretty weird sometimes :(

  4. En invierno el frío y los días cortos ( cuando vuelvo a casa está oscuro) hacen que el patio quedé un poco abandonado, por lo que en esos meses, las plantas de interior concentran todo mi cuidado y el verde que necesito a mi alrededor.

  5. But you have a lot of fall and winter shrubs and perennial plants!
    Viburnum tinus, little acer japonicum, cotoneasters,dahlias, cosmos,nerium oleander,osteospermum, hamamelis mollis, abutillon, hebes, azaleas, mirabilis jalapa, bergenias, carpinus, bouvardias, asters,fuchsias...

  6. so sad to hear this...
    it is hard for me to sugget, because i don't know what weather & temperatures you have there, and what could grow (compared to France) ---
    asters( successful anywhere though) and maybe dalhias are a nice touch of colors in grey days... a clematis is nice if you like climbing, the variety montana for instace stay green even in winter and resist to -15°C if you have such negative temperatures...