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Sunday, September 4, 2011

cafe au lait

 breakfast with cafe au lait
 cinnamon toast and egg                      

 when the fall wind started blowing
 i started craving for German bread
 next time in town, i need to get some

 another thing i miss is
 cinnamon&spice smell of things
 like spice tea.....
 smell of cinnamon when walked in to the store in the fall


  1. Deseos de calor, de dulzura, olor y aire de otoño... estas muy sintonizada con el clima y la naturaleza!

  2. Dear Coco I love too cinnemon taste and smell .And it is always so lovely to visit here.Thank you.

  3. It does sound like the perfect way to start your day.

  4. lovely pictures! but please let the authom wait a bit. Althaugh i love it, but i don't like the winter that follows...

  5. who doesn't like the smell of cinnammon ?!!!
    we picked our first walnuts from the yard, today. this always says Autumn is on the way :) i'm not ready for more rainy weather, since the summer was awful & ot enough sun, but we'll see...