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Saturday, September 17, 2011

leek spaghetti

i have been wanted to do this cooking last few days since the idea hit me,
first time experiment with julienned leek,
it was one of the satisfying, delightful cooking for me
made deep fried leek first
half of this for tasting,
keeping half for tomorrow's lunch

leek spaghetti:
leek (julienned), hot pepper, spaghetti noodle,
chicken consome,salt&fresh ground pepper,
(bacon, ham, other vege can be added)

* first julienne leek and deep fry and mix with cooked noodle and add
   little bit of olive oil, then after seasoned, 
   garnish with herb af your preference, like basil,
   mitsuba(Cryptotaenia), parsley, etc


  1. lovely, lovely ! I like your delicate napkin.

  2. Coco!!!! acaba de llegar el sobre (16:05 hrs. lunes 20)... maravilloso! las estampillas son hermosas, y me da mucha ilusión sembrar semillas que vienen desde tan lejos!
    Es hermoso pensar en el cultivo de cada planta, su cuidado, recolección de semillas, el embalaje en cada sobre y ahora están acá...
    Muchas gracias por este momento alegre, estoy ansiosa por el momento mágico de ver germinar sus semillas!
    Un abrazo inmenso!

  3. I would have never had the idea to fry leek ! I will try this so maybe my daughter who don't like them, will change her mind ! thank you !