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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a pair of shoes

there are five kids in the house.  parents bought a pair of new
shoes for everyone at the end of the year and told them, "wait
until new years day!".  so the kids put the shoes away, but
couldn't resist staring and smiling, waiting for aspecial day as
if they can be a little princess when the new year comes.  this
was our tradition in my house.  so even today, when i buy a
new pair, i feel like waiting for a while.  i think it was
sometimes in august when i bought this pair of ballet shoes since
my favorite white shoes were worn out.  then i waited for long
enough until i feel like wearing.  today, i did a test walk with
this bronze ballet shoes.  feels good to be with comfortable one.

this one is about to flower


  1. Beautiful story. When I was a little girl, my sister and I would get new shoes for school about a month before classes began. We, too, would admire them on the shelf or just wear them around the house until the first day where they made their big trip outside.

  2. My nasturtium? what a strange feeling!

  3. i have this flower
    right next to my
    home,near post office.
    and its blooming now

  4. You live in a nice area. It's perfect for strolling. Is it a Capucine flower on the last picture ? Sorry I don't know the english word for this flower :(