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Thursday, September 8, 2011

monster & minestrone soup !

during the night, i was chased by something extremely scarely,
that monster kept chasing me very persistently,
before the M caught me, i woke up at 4am,
feeling like getting sore throat and being cold,
.....made hot ginger tea with bit of sugar to warm up,
then went back to bed till 6am,
i feel like coming down with cold,
now i know that monster was a cold virus !,
not much energy, but need to eat before work,
minestrone soup sounded good,
so i got out frozen tomatoes from last fall
(which was still good) and made quick soup
my goal for this week is to cook at least one anything /day
so far i am doing good
two more days to go till the end of the week
i wonder what you are cooking today,
if you like to share your menu of the day

good day to all of you


  1. Salgo del trabajo a as 18:00 hrs. y hoy fui a una charla, de mi profesión, duro 2 hrs. y hace poco llegué a casa, (21:30), ... me serví una taza de té ( negro, rojo y especias) y me preparé un sandwích de pan con curry y semillas (comprado) al que puse una lámina de queso y jamón..... estoy demasiado cansada para preparar comida a esta hora. Solo me prepararé una ensalada de verduras para el almuerzo de mañana.
    Cuando llego más temprano si me gusta cocinar un poco más elaborado!
    La sopa de Minestrone es una muy buena idea para el menú!

  2. I have some days out of work so I´m going to spend the weekend in the mountains. This morning I did some shopping but before leaving I boiled some potatoes, carrots and an egg to make "ensaladilla rusa" (don't know how to say it in english). I added some sweet corn, tuna, olives and mayonnaise. I also took out of the freezer some soup. That's my meal today!
    Good weekend to you!

  3. Ooooooooooooooo that soup looks terrific! Hope you feel better soon and chase that cold monster away!! x

  4. ...some defrozed spaguetti from the last week :)

  5. I hope the cold virus monster leaves you and your house very soon!

    I did most of the cooking for today, already yesterday in order to have some moments for knitting. I cooked a cauliflower potato soup with curry and lots of parsley, lax vegetable caserol and as a desert apples with oats and almond crumble.

  6. Take good care of your self, Coco...I will make myself some soup tomorrow as well. You are so inspiring. Have a nice weekend.

  7. blogger "ate" my comment...
    but i was saying that hopefully you feel better by now... i was sick with fever & sore thoat & running nose just the very same week.... no fun & a lot of tea. i have a nice box of vanilla rooibos going on at the moment which i drink with a hint of milk...