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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

pear tartlett

then today, i tried with pear in a same manner

bought 2 pears, one for cooking, one for my dessert to eat by itself
it is very juicy fruit and i have been waiting for this to come out in the market
for this tartlet, instead of using butter, olive oil is used
from the leftover dough, i made some
small bird and rabbit cookies
cooking instruction:
for the pear compote:
1 sliced pear
2 table spoon of sugar sprinkle on it
and leave it for about 10min without interruption,
then heat it at low temp until soft and all the juice is gone
for the tartlet:
flower:  1.5 cup(1cup is 250cc)
sugar:  2-3 table spoon
egg:  1
olive oil:  4 table spoon
mix all these ingredients, and leave the dough in the refregirator
for about 30min or longer, flatten the dough and make round shape or
use cookie cutter,
put pear compote on it, sprinkle bit of sugar,and cinnamon
bake for about 10min or so ( like baking cookies)

*eat with coffe or tea or even with wine is good too ☺

to make apple or pear compote
you can look at red-apple-compote if you like


  1. These little tarts look delicious!Thank you for posting the recipe Coco.

  2. I love apple and pear tarts!mmm :)

  3. Mmmmm thank you for the recipe! I'll try it for sure when the weather in chiller :)

  4. Great recipe! And you made such cute froms!

  5. ooooh these look like nashis ? are they ? we love them ! not so common here but i've seen some nashi trees on a plant catalog and i'd love to plant one in our backyard (when the land is ready for planting)
    your recipe sounds delicious !