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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

potato & apple

i have been in a great cooking mood lately,
this morning, i made fritters and apple tartlet before
i left for work but i only tasted very tiny one and took
everything to work, my favorite part of this is the time i
am cooking and when cooked i almost always give them away...
but tonight i wished i had kept some apple thing as i'm
craving for sweet lemony apple taste,
i am looking forward to do a lot more cooking
as often as time allows me
potato for fritter
apple for dessert


  1. Mmm I'd like to have the apple thingy recipe. It seems very interesting. How do you do it? Have a lovely week!

  2. ok! My fridge is full of vegetables. This week I will try your recipes!

  3. Cuanta energía positiva... se aprecia tu alegría y placer en los trabajos domésticos. Es muy inspirador leerte y ver las preciosas fotos!