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Saturday, September 3, 2011

rainy days

      still windy and lots of rain today


  1. Here it's very hot (about 30 degrees) a bit too hot for me ;-)

    Very cosy picture.

  2. I'm sorry for your garden, hope you will find soon a solution.
    I got a Fatsia Japonica as a present the other day, I must say I wasn't quite happy with the surprize; the plant is far too big to put inside and I didn't like the huge leaves, but than I saw one in a garden, the plant looked more like a little tree, it was very beautiful, and the owner said they don't bother about low temperutures and they keep their leaves in the winter.
    But I can imagine Japan is already overgrown with Fatsia Japonica :^)

  3. yesterday at work I was touched by a chinese girl who was so happy to found and buy a gardenia! She told me that she uses to have a lot of them at their windows in China.
    at-swim-two-birds I like a lot Fatsias! Is a brilliant plant for shade places :)