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Saturday, September 10, 2011

slow walk & wild flowers

the other day, i gave my friends an apple compote
in return, a friend of mine gave me astragalus sinicus honey
had a delicious sweet breakfast

made a slow walk this morning around 6
this early hours in the morning, there is nobody except me and cats
i like to see what kind of wild flowers i can find
most of them look prettier in their own ground
rather than me picking up some to take home.....
it is hard not to though


  1. what is the white stuff in the cup? Cream and honey? It's look good.

  2. @unknown,
    it is yogurt with orange jelly. i usually buy plain yogurt (like vanilla taste) but nothing in it. and add some fruits or jelly as i eat.
    what do you usually have for breakfast?

  3. thanks, my breakfast is usually very simple. I like to have a cup of tea (kind of like tea latte)and some toast, . My recently favourite are "Paris" from Harney & sons and Black currant tea (it is a black tea). I enjoy seeing you have lots of idea for breakfast. Have a good day.