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Thursday, September 22, 2011

slow work...round tote

slow work finally made it through


  1. This is extremely nice, good looking! Love the blue one:)
    Thanks for you kind words, dear Coco!
    I was born in Beijing, China. and Live in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway now.

  2. Well done! They look really pretty...

  3. Your totes are very nice, love the blue one!
    My cardiospermum is flowering now, I could not imagine that from such little flowers will grow that big seeds! Will show some photos soon.

  4. Very nice work Naoko. I am crocheting to. I am making doilies and i started to work out my first pouch that you can open with a wooden button.

    On televison i saw that there was a very bad storm in japan, i hope you are fine overthere. Have a good weekend !

  5. very pretty. both. your stitches are so even, they're realyy well made !
    this blue is very trendy here this winter