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Saturday, September 3, 2011

summer memory

 this summer, i enoyed many plants growing in my little balcony garden,
i picked many eatable green leaf, some are very new for me to taste it,
among all those i enjoyed nastatium flower and leaf the most,
in the early summer, their round pretty leaf was very appealing,
they looked good in salad and tasted wonderful as well,
now due to the storm, i feel the summer is really gone,
i will plan on fall garden and also make imaginary picture
of how i want to do for my garden in next spring
here are some of memory from my garden and neighborhood


  1. Tus imágenes siempre inspiran serenidad....

  2. so beatiful pictures! (and Haizea´s funny drawing makes me smile!).
    I am thinking about my fall plants too. I want to order some roses from David Austin catalogue and plant a lot of shrubs.

  3. Dear Coco, this post is just wonderful!

  4. Beautiful photos! Now my balcony is a mess, I need to clean and organize plants and buy new pots, and find some space for the bulbs I bought in Amsterdam.