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Sunday, September 11, 2011

to the mountain

it is very rare that i get sunday off, today was one of them,
made chicken pita and going to the mountain  ☺.. .♬
still humid day and lots of mosquites
i've always loved this maple leaves
they are shining today
aren't they pretty ?
there was a farmer's house in a middle of the vege farm,
i could live there and work on the farm
growing variety of vege and herbs and
would love to have chickens in my garden
wake up each morning by chicken singing and calling me
this is the kind of life i dream of  
borrowed bicycle and did little bit of riding
.......feels so good
haven't done this for a long time
as i was riding a bicycle, looed up the sky and looked down
the pretty shade in front of me
enjoying full nature trip
after hot and humid day in the mountain,
when i get home, i wanted salty and crunchy
 food with cold cold beer
so i had bowl full of potato chips and a glass of cold beer !
wonderful day
souvenier from the mountain  


  1. I am falling love with you blog and your days...:)

  2. So lovely pictures here lately and your Sunday trip to nature sounds so good!

  3. It seems you had a fantastic day! I also love to go to the mountains every time I can, this weekend I spent three days in my favourite place, in the mountains in the north of Spain, so I could not read your messages until today. I think I can start with the balcony this week, will show you all the things I´m going to do.

  4. What a beautiful day (too bad about the mosquitoes)! I hope you will one day live the kind of life you really want!

  5. thak you so much for sharing the ride with us !!
    i love "travelling" through blog and really enjoyed seeing what your landscapes & flora are like !
    and you even make potato crisps look pretty & elegant :)

  6. such a nice trip! I also love maple leaves!

  7. what a lovely trip! I need to make one as well!