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Monday, September 5, 2011


     morning glory vine

i worked on my garden this morning, cleaned up all the mess from the storm,
kept this morning glory vine, like this natural art,

this afternoon, i cooked a lot...many things for soy source lover,
it is quit simple and easy cooking,
am going to think of other use of soy source as well,

in the evening, i also made steamed brown sugar muffin
with raisen for my nephew and me,
now, i am sitting here sipping a glass of white wine and having
almond chocolate
! didn't know that chocolate goes well with wine ♡

good night    


  1. Wine+Chocolate=Love forever!
    Good night sweet Coco!

  2. Salud!... merecido premio para todo ese trabajo!!!!

    La ramita de Suspiro se ve preciosa en el muro, con sus semillas, un arte de la naturaleza!