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Sunday, October 9, 2011

autumn in my room

yesterday evening                                                   
               found "pink cheek" like leaves on the ground
                                        while i walked around neighborohood              
         invited autumn friends into my kitchen                                  
so cute little pink leaves                                             
 they are dancing  ♪                                                                     

love the texture of round barley

it is sunday                                                                                        
but i have to work today.....not fun                                                                            
wish i could stay home one "sunday"                                                     

                                                wishing for good decent sunday at work


  1. I often work on a Saturday and occasionally have a Sunday. I miss having my full weekend sometimes.

    It's so lovely have autumn around. When I find the time, I'd love to have a walk soon.

    Enjoy your Sunday, even with the work.

  2. These leaves are so nice! They look so strong and the color is just lovely!!

  3. How lovely, you put the leaves in a frame.
    I hope you had a good day at work, dear Coco.

  4. hello naoko,

    i think the leaves are very lovely. Hope it all goes well for you on your work.

  5. hope your day at work was pleasant and that you get some down time this week. you autumn friends look very happy you took them in.

  6. Hope it was a nice day at work for you. I like barley mixed into rice, too.