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Monday, October 17, 2011

coffee and biscuit

first day of the week, looking at
my nephews letter(his drawing he call it a "letter")
craving for good, good cup of coffee and something sweet

                                                            made fresh brewed coffee

      so glad to be home

little treat for myself after long day
how do you treat yourself


  1. I buy my favourite Deco and garden magazines, or a book :)

  2. Same: hot strong coffee and a biscuit. And a small glass of wine now and then while making dinner. Small treats, lovely feeling.

  3. a glass of wine and some quiet music :)

  4. I so lobe children drawings! I treat myself also with a nice cup of tea or coffee or a new plant or even only with time for myself, a little walk in the park...and like Alicia said magazines are also nice

  5. I buy my self a nice garden magazine and a choclat.